telemetry1In 2001, Prairie Helicopters was the first Manitoban company to outfit their entire fleet with Aero Design Animal Tracking Antennas.  Prairie Helicopters Inc. joined Aero Design Technology of Alberta and purchased a limited supplemental type certificate (LSTC #C – 2SHO7-383/D). All of our helicopters are currently equipped with this approved Tracking Antenna.

Our company has worked extensively with MB Conservation/ Wildlife Branch assisting them with their Wildlife Tracking and Capture and Release programs.   Our company has over 10 years of experience in providing this service to our clients and to date remains one of the few Manitoba companies capable of doing so.  Our skill and experience in these disciplines are second to none in our province.

telemetry2Prairie Helicopters has extensive knowledge and experience in performing wildlife telemetry flights from ALL altitudes.  Our pilots are aware that very high altitudes and low altitudes are required to obtain the proper signals to complete the assignment.

We have extensive hours of experience in both Animal Count and Recruitment Surveys, with the understanding that aggressive low level flying is required to count and sex the animals.
Prairie has extensive experience with ingress/egress in tight locations in forested areas that are often required when doing wildlife telemetry.

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