safety1At Prairie Helicopters, safety is always our number one priority.

Prairie Helicopters regularly conducts self-audits to insure we are meeting and exceeding industry safety standards. We are confident that we have the systems and infrastructure in place to satisfy the standards of any organization requiring our services.

safety2Our entire organization regularly takes courses to upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities to insure safe work place habits. We make extensive use of modern technology and employ industry best practices, enabling our team to provide clients with the safest and most efficient services possible.

To facilitate AFF (Automatic Flight Following) all of our aircraft are equipped with SkyTrac units that combine satellite tracking with Iridium based voice and text communication. This allows our office to see real-time information pertaining to the location of each aircraft via a secure web page, and to communicate with our pilots without having to rely on a line-of-sight VHF FM radio network.

safety3Our successful safety program is directly related to the hard work and dedication shown by our employees. They are dedicated to maintain a safe work environment. Safety must come first, not only in manuals, documents and audit reports; but in a tangible program that involves every member of our team, every single day. Prairie Helicopters actively promotes specialized programs dedicated to general flight safety, specialized operations, safety in aircraft maintenance and safety in the general environment of the company.