fixed wing

Fixed Wing Conversion
Flight Time Cost $63,300.00
Classroom Time Cost $2.500

This program is for those commercial licensed fixed wing (airplane) pilots who wish to acquire a commercial helicopter pilot’s license.  It includes:

60 hours of flight time including Dual/Solo training.  Flight time includes:

  • Familiarization – Preparation for flight;
  • Effects of controls including airspeed changes, straight and level flight, climbs and descents and turns;
  • Hovering;
  • Takeoff and landing;
  • In flight emergencies;
  • Auto-rotations into the wind, 180°, 360°;
  • Advanced takeoff/landing;
  • Operations flying including long-lining; advance hover, etc.

20 hours of ground school ($2,500) including :

  • Bell 206 helicopter study which includes flight controls, engine, transmission, rotor systems, operating limitations, performance, center of gravity, emergency procedures, briefings on air exercises and flight safety;
  • Air Law;
  • Meteorology;
  • Navigation;
  • General Aviation;
  • Theory of Fligh