amo1Prairie Helicopters holds Transport Canada certification as an Approved Maintenance Organization(AMO 66-04) and provides maintenance to our fleet. We are certified to complete work on the Bell 206B series, Bell 206L3 series and Bell 407 series of helicopters.

Operating under our own AMO allows our qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers  (AMEs) to work on our fleet in the hanger and out in the field. Several of our pilots are also qualified AMEs. Our AMEs have completed courses on all aircraft types operated by Prairie Helicopters and participate in regular and recurrent training programs, including but not limited to various Bell Helicopter symposiums, internal and intercompany procedures, inspection schedules and Human Factors in Maintenance.

amo2Our Director of Maintenance maintains primary responsibility for the coordination of daily maintenance requirements, as well as overhaul projects; with major structural, engine and component overhauls contracted to suitably qualified third party facilities.